50 Slice CT Scanner

Our 50 Slice CT Scanner is a high end equipment that delivers economical benefits without compromising on patient care.

Better Imaging Chain: Improvised imaging chain with increased efficiency, Innovative technology boost diagnostic confidence while reducing radiation dose.

Advanced Acquisition: Enhanced fidelity and image quality rates with flawless advanced high quality detailed imaging for accurate diagnosis.

Multiple, advanced features are available for streamlining and enhancing complex imaging procedures. Fast enhanced Wizard provides step by step guidance for higher reliability.

Single Source Dual energy technology can be used in other clinical fields such as evaluating kidney stones and verifying gout diagnoses.

CT-guided interventions: Ours is perfectly suited for guided biopsies, drainages and spinal injections. It enables 2D CT guidance and CT fluoroscopy to scan continuously and makes it possible to view images in near real-time to hit the target on the first try.

Oncological imaging: Advanced software make it possible to reliably find the tumor, stage it and conduct follow-up comparisons of all cancerous findings at different time points.